Photo by Kenji AGATA


 The outline of things
Paintings, Glass, Mirror, Ceramic, Old tree, Video, Wooden fittings, Room
Dimensions variable
Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo


Bygone days
​Garden, Old trees, Mirror, Wooden fittings, Ribbon, Paintings
Dimensions variable
亀山トリエンナーレ2017, 岡田屋 月の庭, 三重 
Kameyama Triennale​ 2017, OKADA Store's Garden, Mie





Photo by Hagoromo OKAMOTO



Eternity Place



Wood, Acrylic box, Water, Branch, Thread, Mirror, Wire,
Light, Sand, Clay, Light bulb, Paper, Glass, so on
Dimensions variable
Exhibition view​|Tokyo
​A line of Memory




Mixed media
Dimensions variable
ART KAMEYAMA 2013|A private house, Mie
Exhibition view​






Photo by Kenji AGATA


Paintings, Wood, Natural Light, Light, Mirror,Clay, Glass, Wooden fitting
Graduation Exhibition view​|Tokyo











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