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Process 過程 






TOKYO/BRISBANE Identity Disassembly Center
​(member : Tomohiro Kubota, Maho Saito, Madoka Sugino, Nat Koyama, Miyuki Inagaki)
A sewerage treatment plant is a facility that changes dirty water into clean water and sludge. The device you see here was made based on this thinking, and has the aim of disassembling symbols one by one and reducing them to zero. We would be happy if it would function as a path of escape out of our present state of drowning in relentlessly onrushing meaning.

1. To make daily life convenient
2. To protect the mental environment
3. Storing superficialities underground, thereby allowing us to forget them at just the right moment and prevent their renewal.

Mixed media installation​|Dimensions variable|2016
Drawing Water DIG Tokyo 2016|ドローイング・ウォーター DIG東京2016
International Collaboration & Exhibition Of Students and Teachers from QCA, TUA, and Joshibi
"A cross-cultural exchange project based on the value of making connections and valuing contingencies."
Photo by Hiromasa IWASAKI



​Insight Sight
- The case of the bees




IMAGINE<イマジン>(デザインガラス), フロート板ガラス, CARATONE(高強度カラーガラス)
AGC旭硝子×藝大 硝子未来史プロジェクト " Through the Glass"
AGC Asahi Glass×GEIDAI Project, The future History of the glass






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