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Group Exhibition

" 海女がつなぐ13人のART "



In Toba-Shima region, the number of Ama divers has decreased to one-eighth over the last 50 years, from about 4,000 to 514. Most of them are now in their 60s and 70s, so the existence of Ama in the next 10 to 20 years is facing a serious risk.In addition to the aging population and lack of successors, changes in the marine environment have a major impact on the decline of catches, which contribute to the crisis.

In order to spread the word about this situation and the culture of Ama, we hope to stimulate interest in Ama culture through a variety of artworks by artists with ties to Mie Prefecture and the Toba Sea Folk Museum.

The artists also continue their creation being sensitive to changes in the environment. How do they see Ama, a unique and rare group of fishermen who dive into the ocean with simple fishing tools using their own breath, and catch only what the nature allows them to? The exhibition will feature works that depict the Ama through different approaches, such as abstract paintings, prints, illustrations, photographs, collages, and dance. We hope this exhibition will help visitors familiarize with the culture of Ama and create a new generation of Ama fans.



・稲垣美侑(油絵1点、水彩1点) 画家

・ウィギーカンパニー(シルクスクリーン 2点) 図案家

・大野愛子(写真コラージュ) 2点 フォトグラファー、海女

・荻野夕奈(アクリル画 2点) 画家

・リー・クラッチ(岩絵の具 1点) アーティスト


・ダダオ (モビール彫刻) グラフィックデザイナー

・リンダ・デニス (エンボス1点、版画1点) アーティスト

・長嶋祐成 (水彩1点)魚譜画家

・ゾエ・ポーター(写真コラージュ2点、布1点)  アーティスト

・前納依里子 (ダンス・映像) 振付師

・蘭陵亭子梅 (水彩1点) 妖怪書画家

日程 |2023年4月8日(土) − 2023年6月25日(日)

時間 |午前10時 − 午後5時30分(入場は午後5時まで)

閉館 |3月1日~11月30日 9:00〜17:00

    12月1日~2月末日 9:00~16:30(最終入館は閉館の30分前まで)

    船の収蔵庫見学 16:00まで

料金 |大人18歳以上:800円


場所 | 海の博物館 ギャラリー

   〒517-0025 三重県鳥羽市浦村町大吉1731-68  

   TEL(0599)32-6006 FAX(0599)32-5581


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